COVENTINO™ PREMIUM WOOD FLOORING is a brand created for those who believe that art can be used in creative ways to achieve the ideal balance between classic beauty and modern architecture. With over 15 years in the wood flooring industry, COVENTINO™ PREMIUM WOOD FLOORING is manufactured with the most advanced technology worldwide, bringing together the highest quality products from countries such as France, Italy and Germany, among others.

Each COVENTINO™ PREMIUM WOOD FLOORING is manufactured by highly trained and qualified craftsmen, who master the different wood species such as oak, walnut and larch.

COVENTINO™ PREMIUM WOOD FLOORING focuses on using texture and color techniques that enhance and highlight the natural beauty of the wood. In all COVENTINO™ PREMIUM WOOD FLOORING production processes, special attention is given to environmental issues to ensure that our customers receive the best quality products, but without harming the environment.

Pisos Creativos has over 25 years of experience in the market being the leading company in Mexico in the field of wood flooring, decks and technological stones, bringing together the most renowned international brands in the industry and achieving great prestige and recognition within the community of architecture and design in Mexico.

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